Richard Schurmann’s Web Site

11-10-2013 Shifted what I believe to be the last of the html from the melbpc host. Still need to test all links and delete files from melbpc once it is proved that there are no links remaining that rely on them.

(Date not recorded) Set up to redirect to this site.

08-01-2013 Rebuilt structure of existing files under a new skeleton Home Page. The existing files have not been changed except as necessary to fit in the new structure. Obtained permisiion from John Thompson and from Steve Holmes to use their photos.

First step taken in complete site revamp in preparation for shifting to new domain name.

Many of the pages had been included in the index file and hyperlinks were to targets in that file. These have now been moved out to files of their own for ease of maintenance.

Last updated on 9th. of April 2007.

In 2004, I decided to set myself the task of learning HTML and how web sites work. This site is the result.


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