Blog Notes

Choice of Wordpress

the blog “The Electronic Burrow” was originally set up with “Blogger”, but that was found to be so user-hostile that that effort was abandoned. For the time being, still wanting to explore the provisions for “a blog facility”, I have set this up with Wordpress. Providing this blog facility by just writing files on Open Office Writer, and saving them as html is still a possibility. At the moment, I am comparing the two alternative schemes of presentation. This page has been written with Open Office writer and saved as html because it was just easier!

Changes Log.

1. Started off with the “Twentytwelve” theme. This had a poor contrast (grey text on a slightly lighter grey background, and an obnoxious type face. These have both been changed to establish the blog theme style.

2.(In the face of difficulties caused when Wordpress provided updates, and over-wrote my theme tweaks) I have created a new theme called AndrewBeal and copied all the files from the Twentytwelve theme into it and throughout all those files, I have changed every instance of the text string “twentytwelve” with the text string “AndrewBeal”. The blog is now running with the AndrewBeal theme. Since then, Wordpress updates have been accepted, and there has been no damage to the active theme. An alternative approach: the generation of a child theme is being considered. The relative benefits of the alternative approach are not obvious at this time.