My daughter Anna lives in Bangladesh. This means that she can take holidays at places nearby. Have a look at what she saw!

The most important rule of protocol when there is a camera and a steam loco,
is that you DO NOT stand between them.
This gentleman doesn't understand that.
Actually, it is my son-in-law. I will explain it to him.

Har! Look! They use hydrostatic lubricators.
Not a surprise, Really.
Who is the gentleman on the Brake?
Is that a young Steve Holmes with a sun tan?

At least it doesn't look too hot in the cab.
One might be pleased to have an enclosed cab in the snow.

Grrrr! People standing in the way again.

They need an NC with windows in the end for riding behind this

I don't know what this is.
A static exhibit.
I think that this must be an A Class

A Class again?
Not well attached to the train.
When I originally wote this, I asked "What is the red doover beside the steam dome?"
Since then, I have talked to expert John Scott about just such a contrivance on a different
loco. I learn that it is the regulator! Some designers of light industrial locos gave
little weight to heat losses from the main steal pipe, so rather than passing it through
the front tube plate and down to the cylinders in the smoke box where it can be kept
warm, they ran it down one side of the boiler for easy access. Seems strange to me!