Notes on "The Victorianization of Campfire Creek"

A dinner party had been planned by some friends. These friends like me to read to them after dinner. Sometimes I have read material that I had written myself and sometimes poems or short stories by "real" authors. For some reason, I thought that something special should be prepared for this occasion, so I asked my hosts what it should be about. "Globalization" was the answer. So this is a very oblique look at Globalization. Some will note that the use of a little country town as the context for a story is an idea that belongs to my Father, and that perhaps this smacks of plagiarization. All I can say in my defense is that none of the characters are the same as his, and the plot is not the same as his.

A character in this story attempts, a little unsuccessfully, to tell a joke. Perhaps it is assumed that the reader will recognize the joke. It is, after all, an old joke.

As it turned out, that dinner party never went ahead. I emailed this story to those who had requested it, and I don't think they liked it much. I like it though; and that is why it is included here.


RS. 11-08-2004