I write software in assembler and in BASIC. I have a brief education in c but I use this to help me understand what the c programmers are up to rather than do it myself. Some people scoff at BASIC, but I find that it is a valuable tool, particularly for the very quick exploration of an algorithm. It is a good language to use for the ten minute task.

My assembler experience is nearly all on Motorola 68xx and on Microchip PIC processors.

As of 22-08-2004, none of the papers on software are finished. BUT STOP PRESS on 17-06-2006 I have done some work on Presentation of assembler code for quick reader comprehension This does not mean that the work has not been done: it is just that it is not in a suitable form for the web site yet. I will write a synopsis for each first. If you are interested in any of these, please inform me by email (Select "Contact" at my personal Home Page) I will attend first to matters that raise interest.

Presentation of assembler code for quick reader comprehension
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