Richard Schurmann
Electronics Engineer
Curriculum Vitae

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Highly capable and experienced senior electronics engineer. I have a broadly based industry background. My experience combines: project management/ team leadership, implementing engineering management/quality systems, marrying electronic and mechanical systems, control loop stability analysis and problem solving, finding the innovative solution, analogue design and microprocessor application.
Education & Qualification
Diploma – Electrical Engineering (Electronics) – Swinburne 1974
Past member – IREE - “Senior Member” grade.
Key Competencies


Analogue circuit design including discrete components
Switch Mode Power Supply design
Digital design with MSI/LSI logic
Microprocessor system design
Mechanical/manufacturing considerations
Heavy current considerations (shunts, switching circuits)


Motorola 68XX assembler
Microchip PIC assembler
use of computer for design problem solving (BASIC)
CAD (circuit simulation MC9 and LTSpice)


Technical and non-technical writing
Spoken presentations, Public speaking

2009 (continuing) writing a series of articles for Australian Model Engineering Magazine to explain electronics to a readership with a strong mechanical background. A sample of these are to be found at


Employment History
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Project Productivity

Team Leadership
Development of Engineering Management
Systems (ISO 9001) Mentorship of young engineers
Work with other disciplines (Sales and Marketing, Industrial designers, Mechanical and Production Engineers)