Richard Schurmann
Electronics Engineer
Curriculum Vitae

The Choose Preferred Format Facility

It is often said that a CV should be short. In some contexts a four page limit is recommended. Sometimes a restriction to only one page is the go. This presents difficulties for the curriculum vitae writer and for the reader. No one is happy with pages filled with detail that is not wanted, but often some particular detail is vital, and yet it is missing: missing because it was pruned in an effort to make the document snappy.

This problem is overcome here, as this curriculum vitae has been written to show very closely just the detail that the reader seeks. This is achieved by providing switches so that the reader can switch in, or switch out detail as required.

The four switches provided are:






Minimal Technical Detail


Technical Detail


Discussion of Lessons Learned


No Discussion of Lessons Learned


Project Management


Less Project Management

These can be set by selecting boxes to tick in the top right corner of the front page of the CV

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