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Blog Post 41 Two and a Half Times 1B bis

10-01-2017       Happy New Year!

I thought I had done with “Two and  Half Times 1B”, but recently, I was sorting some old papers and I found circuit diagrams of the receiver that I described in the last post. A lot of what I reported in Post 40 was from memory, so it is interesting to see this material and see how good my memory has been. If you are coming here from scratch, this won’t make much sense, so read Blog Post 40 first.

To present this blog to you, I use “Word Press”. This seems to have lots of nice features, but it does limit the width of the part of the screen that I can use for diagrams. For those of with moderate screens, I wanted to use 100% of the screen width, so I have stepped out of WordPress for this.

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